About Us

About Us

Global Book Release Forum or GBRF, a first of its kind platform created in the world, brought to you by KISSMAT International Publications, is a group company of ZeeTen Cybernetics Group, based at Navi Mumbai and New Delhi, India.

At KISSMAT International, we have endeavoured to take a giant leap in the world of publication integrating it with technology in a unique mix to harness the benefits of an inbuilt platform for release of books, marketing, sale, accounting, branding of Authors, Publishers, Book sellers, distributors, scholars, readers, students and many more…

GBRF brings to you a unique platform to unleash the power of technology and bring book publishing to you at a click of the mouse at your pace. 

GBRF marks a moment in history as we zoom forward with the help of technology, breaking the barriers of traditional modes of publishing to advance to the next level of technologically driven platforms of publishing.

In line with this, GBRF has been especially created to assist everybody in the following ways:

   a.  NOW release the Book in space, globally and not in a room, a hall or an auditorium.

   b.  NOW create an opportunity to release a book by hundreds and thousands of 'Guests of Honour' and not by One 'Guest of Honour'

   c.  NOW release the book in the presence of millions of audience across the globe and not in the mere presence of few in a room, a hall or an auditorium. 

About Us

KISSMAT International Publications (KIP) is an independent publisher operating from New Delhi and Navi Mumbai in India. KIP publishes in the genres of education and literature, along with the vast spectrum of skill development, security management, information technology, management and art. At KISSMAT International, we pride ourselves in providing a ready platform to new writers alongside published authors, the opportunity to become established in their known field of expertise. Our core team at KISSMAT International is optimistic, forward thinking and helpful in extending close support right from the writing stage to the publishing stage.

New Writers

At KISSMAT International we create opportunities for new authors to be able to get onto the publishing ladder and attain success with their books. We take on a large number of new writers or recognized authors through traditional mainstream and partnership agreements. A traditional partnership agreement entails the same benefits as a mainstream agreement. However, as the writer you may be asked to cover part of the cost of publishing the book. We follow all traditional mainstream etiquettes with regards to the promotion and marketing as well as all other avenues involved in the process. 

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